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Shirt to Dress refashion

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Shirt to Dress refashion

I’ve been seeing all of these t-shirt refashions on Pinterest lately and decided to do one myself. We have a TON of t-shirts in this house. A ton. But most of them aren’t terribly cute. They’re just solid colored shirts, some of which have some sort of logo or saying, etc. But I found one that I had worn just after giving birth to the little monkey. You know, before I was back to down to pre-baby weight. It  had a little more style and was striped! (And definitely too big for me now.) So I decided it would make the perfect dress for the Little Monkey.

Now, had I been smart, I would have found one of the tutorials out there that gives step by step instructions for turning an oversized t-shirt into a dress. But who said I was smart? I mean, how hard could this be, right? First, I started off by cutting the top of the shirt off right under the arms.

I wanted to use the bottom hem of the shirt as the hem of the dress. You know, save myself a step. Plus my hems never come out as nice as the factory ones. Especially on knits. And I was thinking I would do a sort of braided band at the top. Maybe make it kind of a boat neck dress. So I tried that. And it just came out a bit silly. I should have taken pictures of it on the Little Monkey so you could see. But I didn’t. But this was my process, in case you were wondering.

So I cut some fabric off the sides and then cut in at the top. I hemmed the top cut in part (thinking it would be my arm opening) and then sewed the sides together.

Then I attached the band and sewed it on. Ta-da! Ummm, not so much. I realize now that I probably could have just cinched my fabric in on the front and back and given up on the boat neck idea and it probably would have been fine. But I don’t like to do things the easy way. Ha!

Anyways, what I decided to do at that point was just use the existing neckline in some way. So I took the top part of my shirt (I had already cut the arms off at some point thinking I might use those for something) and made a neck opening that would work for the Little Monkey.

It’s hard to see, but I stitched it right across the shoulders there.

So at this point, I took the braided band off of the other piece. Then I took this piece, lined it up with the other piece, and cut it down to size. I then hemmed the arm hole openings, just as I had done on the other piece. I fitted this piece into the other piece and sewed it on. Then I took it in on the sides so that the arm holes weren’t ginormous. I thought I was done, but I didn’t really care for the seam across the front. And then I remembered the bands that were around the arms on the original shirt. So I cut one off and sewed it across the front. All done!


I know, not the best pictures. But by the time I got it all finished it was dark outside. So boo for night time lighting. And boo for a model who refuses to stand still! I’ll have to try to get some better pictures at some point because it did turn out pretty cute after it was all said and done.




T-shirt Upcycle

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T-shirt Upcycle

I saw this on Pinterest recently and knew I had to make one. When I first showed the picture to my husband, he kind of turned up his nose, which gave me pause for a moment. But I found myself at a thrift store a few days later and decided to pick up some supplies and give it a whirl anyways. I found a t-shirt for around $1 and a coordinating tie for about $2. The most expensive thing was the button. My husband couldn’t believe it was $4.50! So all said, I got a cute shirt for about $7.50. Not bad, in my book.

First, I took my t-shirt and pinned the tie in place.

The tie was significantly longer than the neckline of my shirt, so I just let the tail hang down low and figured I’d cut it off later.

Then I sewed it into place. Once I decided I was happy with the placement and ruffles, etc., I cut off the excess length and zig-zagged the raw edge.

Now it was time to attach the button.

After seeing it on, my husband decided he likes it. Yay! I might just have to hit up the thrift store for some more shirts and ties. This was so easy and fun to do, and I loved the way it turned out!

T-shirt Dress

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T-shirt Dress

So the other day I decided to dig around in one of the boxes in the garage labeled “fabric.” Turns out I had TONS of stuff in there that I completely forgot I had. And some of it that have no recollection of ever buying. Is that the sign that you have a problem?? In any case, I dug some of it out and washed it up (because I have no idea if I washed it the first time around). Who would have known that I had so many knits in there?

If you’re familiar with Goodmama diapers, you’ll recognize a number of those prints. I’ll admit that when my son was a baby I got all caught up in buying trendy, cute, and EXPENSIVE cloth diapers. This time around with my daughter, I went more for convenience and function. Bum Genius for the win! I sold off most of my Goodmamas and made a pretty penny (that’s a whole OTHER story), but I still adore so many of the old prints. Good thing I bought a bunch of this fabric years ago, huh? So, what to do with it all? Some of the prints I only had very small pieces, so I decided why not make a t-shirt dress. I had recently seen this tutorial and figured I could do something similar with the fabric I had on hand.

First things first, I found a t-shirt to use that would coordinate with the fabric I was using.

Then I cut the bottom off the shirt.

Next I cut my fabric into strips and decided in what order I wanted them. At this point, I went ahead and attached the first layer to the shirt. Mostly because I wanted to make sure it was going to fit okay. This shirt was a little tricky to work with because of the pleats. The darn fabric just didn’t want to lay flat.

I forgot to mention that I switched to the satin stitch foot on my machine and used a zig zag stitch.

Next I sewed the front layers together and the back layers together, then sewed my side seams.

At this point, I slipped the top of the dress inside the skirt and pinned right sides together.

Now sew it together, flip it right side out, and ta-da!

I left a raw edge on mine because the bottom knit is SOOOOO thin it’s really hard to work with. Next time I attempt a project like this, I will definitely be sure that my knits are a little sturdier. All but the white knit with roses and swords on it were really light weight. So as hard as I tried, there is definitely a little puckering going on. I will probably go back and topstich each of my layers, but the little monkey hasn’t wanted to take it off long enough for me to do that.

I know it’s a little less than perfect, but it still makes my heart happy to see all of those prints I loved so much on my son’s diapers. Kind of sends me back a few years. Awwwwww.