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The Funny Bunny

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The Funny Bunny

With Easter coming up, I decided I wanted to make something for the kids. And since I’ve been on a sewing kick lately, I thought I why not sew them a little plush lovey of some sort. Well, I had a little bit of the stripe fabric I used on the bottom of this dress. And it was one of my absolute favorite prints when Monkey Man was a baby. He had cloth diapers in that print, a shirt, some slippers, and even a pair of knit shorts. So it only seemed right that he get something made out of my last scraps of the fabric. I didn’t have much left, only about 2 9″x9″ squares and a few other scraps, so it couldn’t be anything too elaborate. So this is what I did. I decided to make a bunny. First, I sketched out a general pattern for the body of the bunny.

I pinned it to both layers of my fabric and cut them out together. Then I pinned them together, wrong sides facing.

And sewed around the edges leaving the top of his head open and flipped it right side out. Look how silly it is!

And stuffed him full.

Then I made him some ears. I cut out two pieces of my striped fabric and two pieces of a coordinating solid I had on hand.

I pinned one striped piece to a solid piece, wrong sides facing, and sewed them together. Then I flipped them right side out and did a little gather at the base.

At this point I hand stitched the ears in place and then sewed his head closed. By this point I was fed up with the incredibly thin, flimsy striped fabric and I just threw it back on my machine to finish, not caring what the top of his head looked like. If you read my post about the t-shirt dress, you’ll remember me ranting about this fabric then, too. It’s impossible for a fairly inexperienced sewer like myself to work with. (I can’t say that I’m really sorry that it’s all gone!) Needless to say, if I wanted it to look a bit nicer, I would have finished it up by hand. I figure that’s what I’ll do on the next one I make for the Little Monkey. At this point, I stitched little eyes and a nose on him using embroidery floss. Seeing how I have never embroidered a thing in my life, I just kind of winged it until they looked decent. Any way, here he is. The Funny Bunny, as he’s become known around our house.

I went ahead and showed him to Monkey Man, mostly because he saw me finishing it up when he got home from preschool today. It made me super happy when he saw it and asked hopefully if it was for him. I think he’s in love.

Is it terribly mean that I took it and put it away a little while after this? Maybe. But it’ll make for a super Easter gift!