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Alphabet and Rainbows

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Alphabet and Rainbows

For some reason, I have been getting an extreme amount of “repins” on Pinterest of one of the pictures I posted from the Little Monkey’s first birthday party. I figured since there seems to be interest (and because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic since her second birthday is coming up WAY too soon) why not post some photos from the day.

Let’s start by saying that this started out as an alphabet themed party and kind of morphed into a rainbow alphabet party. It was pretty small-scale. Nothing too elaborate. Just some family members coming over to celebrate her big day. These were the invitations we sent out.

See? Super simple. The back contained all of the info, of course.

So Alphabet. That was it. Until I started finding all of these super cute ideas (thank you Pinterest) that were more rainbow themed. So I thought, why not just have the alphabet AND rainbows. To be honest, I didn’t really have any actual rainbows. More just the color scheme. But it worked.

First the decor. I kept it fairly simple since we were actually spending most of the day outside grilling hot dogs and playing in the yard. I strung up some alphabet cards across the window behind the dining room table, where I set up the cake and snacky type foods.

I know, not the best picture, but it was hard to get anything decent with the sun beating in the window. Ah well. I had some simple ABC cut outs stuck to the other windows in the dining room. Then I decided at the last minute, the night before the party, that I wanted to do a rainbow balloon garland across the opening into the dining room. So I sat and blew up balloons and tied them all together and hung them all while watching Harold and Maude with my lovely husband.

Oh! And I found an alphabet boarder at the dollar store to use. You know the kind that an elementary school teacher might have in his/her classroom? Yeah, that. I just taped it up in the dining room. You can see it peeking out from behind the balloons in that last picture. I also used some alphabet blocks from the kids on the table. I made a pyramid in one spot and spelled out the birthday girl’s name in front of her cake.


Pssssst. Those cookies on the sticks over there is what keeps getting pinned over on Pinterest. Don’t worry. There’s a better picture to come.

Here’s the whole look.

The food was the fun part. The party started at 4 pm, so we wanted to have plenty of snacks available before we served dinner. For dinner we had hot dogs. My husband grilled and he set up a whole little bar area full of condiments. Any kind of condiment that you could want, including peanut butter, bacon, cream cheese, etc. And we served them up in these adorable plastic baskets lined with parchment paper. And somehow in the craziness of the day, we forgot to take any pictures of that part of the action. Oh well. C’est la vie.

So on to the stuff we DID get pictures of.

We did some fun little Caprese salads. The adults loved these! Just a cherry tomato (with the bottom cut off so it would sit nicely), a basil leaf, and a cube of mozzarella all held together with a toothpick and drizzled with balsamic. Yum!

Then there were the Jello slices. The kids totally dug these.

      See? Here’s Monkey Man chowing down.

We had “fruit cones,” too. Just fresh fruit stuffed into waffle cones. Easy peasy. And yummy!

And of course the homemade alphabet cookies. After I cut them out, I pushed a long stick into the backs of them, and then baked. To display them, I used a wide mouth vase filled with Fruit Loops cereal. And yes, I separated the colors by hand. It actually didn’t take as long as one might think.

     And just because I love this picture.   

Then there was the cake. We wanted to do a rainbow cake. You know, the ones with like six layers of vibrant colored cake separated by lovely layers of frosting? Yeah, well, ours didn’t quite work out that way. We lost a couple of layers during the assembly, but I was still pretty pleased with the way it came out. My husband is always the one in charge of decorating because I just don’t have the patience (or artistic ability) for such things. This year he went with a simple design. Blocks with the Little Monkey’s initials.

     The inside….   

She just couldn’t wait to get her hands on it!

Oh! I almost forgot about the party favors! We only had four kids at the party, so this is what I did. I found some fun colored buckets for $1 each and filled them with some alphabet stickers, an alphabet activity book and some other goodies.

    And inside were these little cuties.   

Now I didn’t design these guys. I used Rebecca Danger’s Monster Chunks pattern. They’re such a quick knit! And I used the same yarn that I used to make the birthday girl’s shorties from. My friend Christia made the adorable t-shirt. Look at those cute little monkey toes!

So that was the Little Monkey’s first birthday party. I’ve already got some ideas in the works for her next one as it’s only about 3 months away. So hard to believe. Next I’ll have to share Monkey Man’s 4th party that we just had. Muppets!!!