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Retro print tunic

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Retro print tunic

I stumbled upon this post over at Craftiness is not Optional, which is an amazing blog for anyone interested in sewing children’s clothes. She has some fabulous patterns. Anyways, I decided Cordelia NEEDED one. And I had the perfect fabric in mind.

Don’t you think this fabric was just dying to be turned into this adorable tunic??? Me too!

I’m not going to rewrite the whole tutorial, because well….why? She did a pretty great job. But I will tell you about the few alterations that I made.

So I was going along following her pattern. I had done my reverse pleat in the front and created my button closure in the back. (This is like my new favorite way to do buttons on blouses now. So easy!) And suddenly I realized, “Wait a minute. She made some bias tape somewhere in there and didn’t tell me about it. And then she sewed around the neck opening.” Well I didn’t have enough fabric (or a fancy, smancy bias tape maker) to do that with, so I came up with a different solution. I cut a couple of pieces to mirror my front and back pieces and used them as a facing. At this point I also decided not to put sleeves on it. I figure this way the little monkey can wear it all the way through summer (unless we have a big growth spurt, which is doubtful). So I sewed my facing in, pressed my seams and finished them with a zig zag stitch, and then finished the blouse by following the tutorial.

Oh! For the back closure, I also made a little variation. Instead of using white elastic (as that was all I had on hand) for the loop, I dug up a black pony tail holder. It worked brilliantly and matched the fabric much better. I just adore the way it turned out, and the little monkey seems to like it, too. Every time she sees it out, she says, “That’s mine! Mine!”

And here is my finished product.

And being modeled, of course.

She wouldn’t put the snack down to take pictures. Sometimes you just take what you can get.

This was her posing. And notice the red shoes. Completely her choice. The girl definitely has a mind of her own. And she LOVES shoes. She’s constantly picking out a new pair to put on.

My little fashonista.



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