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Felt Flower Hair Pins

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Felt Flower Hair Pins

I found a tutorial a while back to make some felt flower hair clips and decided it was time that the little monkey have some. I changed it up a little to better fit my little one’s head, so I’ll show you exactly what I did.

First, my supplies.

The little juice glass and spool of thread were my circle templates. (about 2″ and 1″ respectively) I used pinking shears because I wanted a bit of texture to the edges of my petals.

And this is a sample of the hair pins I used. Like a fancy bobbie pin with a flat little circle on top.

So I traced one small circle and about 6 larger circles onto the felt and cut them out with my pinking shears. If you don’t have pinking shears, use regular scissors. They come out just as cute.

Now it’s time to start making petals.

First fold one of your big circles in half.

This is where I changed things slightly because I wanted smaller petals. So I folded it in half again.

Then fold back the top flap.

At this point, I added a little dot of hot glue under that last fold to hold it in place while I folded the other side under. It should make a little “s” shape.

Now add a little glue under the other side and in the middle as well. It just makes it all hold its shape. Go ahead and do this with the rest of your big circles.

Now it’s time to start assembling. Put a glob of glue in the center of your little circle and start attaching the petals as close together as possible.

Keep going until they are all in place.

Now it’s time to attach whatever you’re going to put in the middle. I just used a plain old button. You could use fabric covered buttons, little gem stones, pretty much anything you’d like.

And the final step, attach the flower to the hair pin. Just put some hot glue onto the circle part of the pin and attach the flower.


And here’s the little monkey modeling it. She wasn’t being terribly cooperative this morning. But what’s new?

So there it is. A slightly smaller, fuller version of the felt flower hair pin. I think it came out super cute! Glad I have felt in plenty of colors around here to make more!


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