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The hall closet. Oh my….

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I had great intentions of posting my first crafty post today. I was all set to make some felt flower hair pins for the little monkey. All I needed to do was find my pinking shears. Apparently that was easier said than done. I knew they were in the hall closet. The one that had all of the odds and ends thrown into it when we moved into the house back in May. You know, the stuff you’re just not sure where to put so you stick it there? Most people have a junk drawer. At my house, we apparently have a junk closet.


Yep, it was the place where everything that entered the house and didn’t have a “real” home ended up. There were more jackets than we knew what to do with hanging in there (and some of them, I found even ended up on the floor!) There were hats and gloves and scarves and umbrellas. There were power cords galore. Crafty stuff and pillows I didn’t even know we had. And the big tub up front full of cloth diapers. That we haven’t used in months since the little monkey potty trained.

So, instead of crafting today, I cleaned out the closet. First, I took everything out. This is the picture I should have taken but I was so involved in organizing, I forgot. Oops! There was so much JUNK in there. And I have a big black trash bag full to prove it. After pulling everything out and trashing all of the junk and completely unnecessary, unusable stuff, I decided to box up the cloth diapers. I mean, who am I fooling. The little monkey isn’t going to be using them. And we’re not planning to try for another baby until at least the end of summer, so there’s no need in them sitting there taking up valuable space. So off to the garage they go until we need them again. Then came the power cords. I boxed them up, along with a few other odds and ends and sent them to the garage, too. Now I’ll know where to look when I need one! My husband and I went through the coats and took the ones we don’t wear very regularly upstairs to our closet, making it much easier to actually find the ones we DO wear. I’m slightly embarassed to admit that there were jackets and coats in there I had forgotten we even owned.

At this point, I was ready to start putting things back into the closet. I put the plastic bins back in, but this time they’re being used to hold some of my crafting supplies. Pinking shears included! Now I won’t have to dig around on the floor when I’m looking for things. And the top shelf is now housing some hats and games and the ever so important travel potty seat. What a difference an hour can make in the life of a closet!


It’s nothing terribly dramatic, but whoa! I can actually see the floor! And now I know where my pinking shears are so felt flower hair pins can be done!


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